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Carnaval & La Musica

Flamboyant carnivals with dazzling costumes, elaborate parade floats and endless samba are Brazil’s trademark. In neighbouring Uruguay, late-summer festivals evoke similar mass appeal but with a very distinct style. While more commonly characterized by the tangos of Carlos Gardel or the profound lyrical folk music of Argentine Mercedes Sosa, center stage on the streets of Montevideo during carnival time belongs to the rhythmic drumming of "La Murga" or "El Candombe."

After heating, stretching and cooling leather coverings over carved wooden drum shells or "tambores," small bands of "Murgistas" take to the streets in the early hours for the traditional call to the carnival. Rich, melodic beating continues for hours as they walk slowly from street to street, gathering adults and children along their journey to one of hundreds of local meeting grounds where great music & entertainment, outstanding food and the spirit of communal brotherhood are celebrated round-the-clock.

Carlos Pérez-Franco has captured the flavor and essence of this important local tradition as well as the political and social impact in three series, "El Candombe y Las Tamborileras," "Carnaval Uruguayo" and "La Musica."