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Tasman Bay Pools - Pools of distinction. Swimming pools.

Abdulkadir Geylani, Dervis, Dervish, Sufism
Ahmed er-Rifai Dervish, Sufi, Rifai'yyah, Sufism

Tasman Bay Pools - Pools of distinction. Swimming pools.

Entertaintment, kids cars, fun, franchise

Easy-to-drive child sized gasoline-powered safe cars |

Loan Trust, non-profit organisation, getting loan, investing money

If your business is based in the region covered by the Nelson City or Tasman District Council, the Nelson Enterprise Loan Trust may be able to help! |


Social Forum New Zealand, 21-23rd November 2003 Parirua, Wellington. Gathering.

The Social Forum Aotearoa aims to gather together people who share the desire for a world with more respect – for ourselves, each other and the environment.
  Sufism, dervish, Sufi Master Seyyid Ahmed Er-Rufai, Rifai Art Project

Art, painting, alternative, artist

Alternative art community. Artists from all around the world.

Barkod, yazici, baski, etiket
  Drum Cafe Australia - Corporate drumming, team bonding, team building, conference, events, leadership, stress release, group bonding, synchronizing of thought processes and breaking down of barriers.
  Steven Kelly: Brainstorming, concept and copy delivered by phone, fax, or email
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